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Sep 29 '14


For those living in the Chicago area, I have an exhibition at the Harold Washington library up until March. My comic Love Me Forever! Oh! Oh! Oh! was originally published by 2DCloud and then again in The Best American Comics 2013 and is now online three years after I made it. There are of course things I would change if I could but here is how it’ll stay, direct from my 23 year old brain. 

Recently a friend joked that with the summer I just had I could make a sequel to this comic and hardly change a thing. My little brother got married back in June in a barn on a goat farm in Virginia and three months later a friend from High School also got married in a barn on a goat farm in Virginia. I went stag to both. Three years later and marriage still feels like an impossibility and I’m still not very good at dating. 

But, then again, if in 2014 I’m brave enough to ask a guy out who just happened to be sitting alone in a park on a Friday afternoon then that is more than enough proof that I’m not that same overwhelmed 23 year old in Chicago working in a grocery store juicing oranges for nine hours a day. A distinction that I all too often forget. And definitely one I couldn’t possibly imagine as that 23 year old, slogging past the Harold Washington library in the snow.

(Also, shout out to Marnie Galloway for being my photographer! )


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Sep 23 '14

Skeleton surfing, 1976

I bought this issue at a shop a few years ago because despite the interestingly posed &#8220;babes&#8221;&#8230;surfing skeleton. Skeleton surfing. Come on. Absolutely wonderful


Skeleton surfing, 1976

I bought this issue at a shop a few years ago because despite the interestingly posed “babes”…surfing skeleton. Skeleton surfing. Come on. Absolutely wonderful

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Sep 18 '14


tw: mention of rape.

late night feelings comic, more personal than usually happens on this blog

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Sep 17 '14


Here are the pieces I did for Terrestrial!!

It’s still being sold on storenvy, along with pieces done by many other incredibly talented artists! Please give it a look


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Sep 17 '14


a short + quick demo on how to print a saddle stitch booklet!

this is a work of FICTION and i don’t condone such irresponsible behavior, of course!! 

Almost exactly how Corporate Dog was born. I #endorse this #brandstrengthening #comics #technique

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Sep 16 '14

It’s been a long time coming, but here are my 2 illustrations from Terrestrial! Petra & Sera, the Lichen Girls. You can get Terrestrial here.

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Sep 11 '14

some lil WIP panel head crops from the new issue of Tales of the Night Watchman from sowhatpress I’ve been posting on twittahhhhh

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Sep 9 '14

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Sep 8 '14

"The Shit Heel and His Friends"


"The Shit Heel and His Friends"

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Sep 6 '14


Here’s my September 2014 calendar spread for Visual Opinion, SVA’s student-run publication.

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Sep 4 '14

Who’s going to be at SPX? We are! Hannah Krieger and I will be at table B14, along with Molly Ostertag of SFP and Aatmaja Pandya of The Bell Blues.

Terrestrial, the fantasy comics & illustration anthology I organized, will be debuting here, as well as Hannah’s XL Bendytoots wall scrolls and Chinfographic prints. I’ll also have copies of my new mini, Corporate Dog, prints of my Lord of the Rings Series, cool dog stickers, and a couple of other books. Come by and say hello, we can’t wait to meet you peeps!

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Sep 3 '14


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Sep 3 '14
sleepy assassin 

sleepy assassin 

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Aug 29 '14
This dominant narrative surrounding the inevitability of female objectification and victimhood is so powerful that it not only defines our concepts of reality but it even sets the parameters for how we think about entirely fictional worlds, even those taking place in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. It’s so normalized that when these elements are critiqued, the knee-jerk response I hear most often is that if these stories did not include the exploitation of women, then the game worlds would feel too “unrealistic” or “not historically accurate”. What does it say about our culture when games routinely bend or break the laws of physics and no one bats an eye? When dragons, ogres and magic are inserted into historically influenced settings without objection. We are perfectly willing to suspend our disbelief when it comes to multiple lives, superpowers, health regeneration and the ability to carry dozens of weapons and items in a massive invisible backpack. But somehow the idea of a world without sexual violence and exploitation is deemed too strange and too bizarre to be believable.

Tropes vs Women in Video Games, Women as Background Decoration: Part 2 (via femfreq)

It’s especially funny to me how in the interest of supposed “historically accurate, well-researched, completely immersive” game or comic universes, women seem to be excluded from the narrative yet again. Some game & comic worlds are so elaborately designed and detailed that even terrain-accurate flora and fauna appear, but somehow women are deemed less important than plants and animals. Sure, include period-accurate colloquialisms and speech patterns, include amazing feats of computer/console graphics and traditional rendering, but don’t outfit your female characters and female NPCs in anything less than a standard “female” outfit regardless of the time period - that wouldn’t be realistic!

This isn’t about the way these women appear - and yet it is, at the same time. It’s not about the clothes - it’s about the iconography. It’s about the dominant male gaze and how it effects nearly everything we know and what we think we know about women in media. By eschewing the established rules of historical accuracy for JUST the female characters, the notion is that somehow the women are different - they are divorced from the narrative, and therefore must look the part, according to game developers.

By reducing female characters to one-dimensional decorations and cartoon approximations of what we think femininity means - or what femininity should mean, we effectively destroy any connection that the player might be able to form with these characters. But then again, say you’re a feminist in a male-dominated industry of any kind and watch as the heads turn and the tempers flare - it’s not all that different. 

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Aug 27 '14
Introducing CORPORATE DOG, a 10-strip mini about office politics and break room diatribes. Get it at SPX! I&#8217;m at table B14 with Hannah Krieger, Molly Ostertag and Aatmaja Pandya. More deets to follow. 

Introducing CORPORATE DOG, a 10-strip mini about office politics and break room diatribes. Get it at SPX! I’m at table B14 with Hannah Krieger, Molly Ostertag and Aatmaja Pandya. More deets to follow. 

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